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All For You , Baby!

Head-mounted sports wireless folding headphones

Head-mounted sports wireless folding headphones


Product features:

1. Bluetooth function: it is applicable for bluetooth connection of mobile phones, which supports music playback, answering and calling functions.

2. With bass effect: this earphone supports a variety of sound adjustment, so that the sound effect can be fully played! Beyond your imagination!

3.MP3 player function: it can insert TF card (mobile phone memory card) to play music, and can play music, pause, up and down music, volume adjustment and so on after plugging single earphone into memory card without the need of mobile phone

4. Support wired connection of mobile phone and computer: the headset can be connected to the mobile phone and computer without power on or battery. The standard 3.5mm plug can be used for both mobile phone and computer.

5. Built-in battery: it adopts rechargeable integrated physical battery. It can listen to music for 8-10 hours and charge for 3-4 hours.

6. Usage: turn on the bluetooth function of the mobile phone and turn on the bluetooth of the headset. When the model number of the bluetooth device of the mobile phone is displayed below, it can be connected.






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