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Postpartum breast pump

Postpartum breast pump


Product Name: Electric Breast Pump
Material: PP
Power Supply: USB Rechargeable Battery
Color: Pink, Blue  

Health Tips:
1. Wash your hands before using milk pump or breast milk treatment.
2. The breast pump is made with a hot hot towel before milking. The massage stimulates the areola to keep the breasts completely bright.
3. Pressure milking. Breasts or nipples should stop milking when they feel pain.
4. It is enough to squeeze the amount of eight points for milking (no more than 20 minutes)
5. Use a covered container when storing breast milk
6. Remove breast milk that has been chilled for more than 72 hours (3 days)
7. Do not put chilled breast milk and fresh breast milk together.
8. Thaw cooled breast milk or combine the container with warm milk for warm feeding.
9. After thawed breast milk, if the baby cannot finish drinking after 24 hours, do not repeat the cooled breast milk. Discard the rest and disinfect the container.

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